Thursday, March 23, 2023

Installation of New Officers of LOSNA for 2023-2024.

By Lady Sue Young HP,

I was elected as the High Priestess for the next year of our court. We also installed several other officers in our court for the following year. Yes, our fezzes are white and when we become the high priestess of our year we do get a special fez. That fez is designed and picked out for us by our Grand High Priestess Lady. This is always a big day for the lady who is going up for her year as the High Priestess. We do a lot of decorating to make the lodge look pretty. We invite our families to help us celebrate a very special day for us High Priestess. We also invite our Masonic and Shriner gentlemen and their ladies to come and be a part of our special day. This event is a very special day for the High Priestess going up the line of officers.
We are Lady Shriners that work for the children and the Shriner hospitals. We have several fund drives every year that benefit the children and the hospital. We are always looking for ladies to join our shrine court. We thank all the Masons and Shriners who support us and appreciate them very much. The Masons, Shriners, and their wives are always welcome to come and join us at our open events. We would like very much to have the Ladies as members too.  


Lady Sue Young HP 
Crescent Court 106 
Anderson, S C

1st Annual Shriners Car Show - Cherokee Shrine Club

By Jonathan Godfrey

Cherokee Shrine Club held their first Shriners Car Show on March 18, 2023. It was a  cool and breezy beautiful day. More than 25 Shriners from several clubs were present  to either show a car, help with the show, have a look around, or all of the above.  About 45 vehicles were shown including a 100 year old Chevy! 
31 trophies were awarded with  CSC member JW Rogers stealing the show and winning the coveted Shriners Top Pick  trophy with his all original 1960 Mercury. 
The spectating crowd was rather large with people coming and going throughout the morning. Raffles and drawings were a hit with the crowd and everyone present at the end went home with a door prize. 
Iron City Bar-becue and Kona Ice kept everyone full and satisfied while Noble Nathan White enter-tained them with music.
Burns Chevrolet provided a clean, beautiful location and made a generous donation to CSC.  
We would like to thank everyone who came to the show,  shared the ad for the show, or told someone about it. Cherokee Shrine Club plans to use money raised at the show to fund 2 scholarships for Cherokee county students as a way to give back to our community that we love and thank them for their support. 
We hope to make this an annual event and would like to invite everyone to come enjoy the next one with us. 

Thank you.

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Caffeine & Gasoline - York Crescent Shrine Club

By Tracy Dixon

We had a great turnout @ The Cruise In this past Saturday. We had about 35 different style cars in attendance. Everyone enjoyed Coffee, Biscuits & Gravy and good ole car talk . Looking forward to see Caffeine & Gasoline grow and hope to see everyone next month April 15th.


Clover Optimist Club - Gold Leaf Award

 By Stephen Schram

The Clover Optimist Club was presented a Hejaz Shriners Potentate's Gold Leaf Award for the generous donation of aluminum can tabs.  The tabs were accepted by Noble Benny Melton on behalf of our Temple and delivered to Area Representative Mike McDade.  Mike then took the initiative to find a metals recycler, Adam's Scrap Recycling, who's management then offered to match the value of the tabs as a donation.  Effectively doubling the value of the donation.  Mike then directed the money to the Sunshine Hut Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Fund for Shrine Patients.  Potentate Byron Sheppard and Recorder Gene Parker put the award together and I just happened to show up like a blister, "when the hard work is done."  

Hats off to the Optimist Club for collecting the tabs and thinking of Shriner's when they were searching for a good place to donate.  We are all very grateful and it will be used for a great cause.

The Clover Optimist Club from their own Face book page About...

Optimist International is an association of more than 2,900 Optimist Clubs around the world dedicated to "Bringing Out the Best in Kids." Adult volunteers join Optimist Clubs to conduct positive service projects in their communities aimed at providing a helping hand to youth. With their upbeat attitude, Optimist Club members help empower young people to be the best that they can be.

Each Optimist Club determines the needs of the young people in its community and conducts programs to meet those needs. Every year, Optimists conduct 65,000 service projects and serve well over six million young people.

For more information on the Optimist Club, check out their Facebook page at 

From Noble Benny Melton...

Blessings come in many ways,  whether they're tiny ones and ENORMOUS one... I been getting and saving can tabs from The Clover Optimist Club and Cub Scout Troop 237 in Clover for a while now. So decided to start spreading the Word to some of my customers. Low and behold one told me last week he had some for me. With the ones he had and the other ones, I have a total right now of 19 gallon  ziploc bags. I'll be taking them to the Shrine Meeting tomorrow night to turn in.
Thanks to Tracey Hines Melton , Baby Squirrel, and Monkey Man for helping me put what wasn't already baged in them.
 Just had to get on here and tell you all that has collected them THANK YOU SO MUCH, THEY'RE DEFINITELY WILL BE A BLESSING TO THE GREENVILLE CHILDREN HOSPITAL. 
PLEASE don't stop saving them and whether it's me or another Shriner get them to us so we can share a BLESSING with the CHILDREN... 
One way or another we are all BLESSED no matter if you feel like it or not...



Fried Bologna at Greenville Shrine Club

By Everette Whitmore

Sunday Funday with a thick bologna sandwich……


Hot Wheels St Patricks Day - Baxter Parade

By Mike Rowe Sr.

Hejaz Hot Wheels Participated in the Baxter St. Patrick's Day Parade Saturday March 18th to bring awareness to the needs of children that our Hospitals support. It was an awesome turnout by the public, as a matter of fact, one of the largest crowds for a parade that I have seen. The Nobles present did a fantastic job. 

Thank you Nobles.

Assistant Rabban Leadership Conference

By Ben Martin

Tonya and I , along with Jimmy Moser are attending at the Assistant Rabban Leadership Seminar in Tampa, FL this week. Funded by Kosair for Kids Charities out of Louisville Ky, this seminar was designed to prepare upcoming leaders (both husband and wife) for their year as Potentate and Lady.  We’ve covered topics such as Financial Stability, the importance of a 5 yr. plan and plan transparency for upcoming Divan members, sustainable fundraising, and events.

It is exciting to hear how our philanthropy is adapting to market conditions and making long term decisions based on data. Our patient count and recognized patient care continues to grow and get international acclaim. We’ve expanded our hospitals outreach and we are helping more kids by having outpatient clinics, which in turn drives the costs to treat per child down!  Our hospitals are alive and well and I have full confidence in the team surrounding this direction.

Our Temples are a great part of the Shriners Children’s strategic growth plan and at the Temple level, we need to continue to focus on raising money for the hospitals, but also on recruiting, retaining, and relating to our membership. Our Nobles are becoming vastly different in ages. We have men of the “average Shriner age” (around 70) but also men joining in their 30’s. We should continue to adapt our events, communication methods and the way we do business around these changing demographics.

One of the great parts of a seminar like this is hearing all the successful Shrine fundraisers and events shared with us by the other Temples represented here. As for Tonya - Every night has been filled with all the things she’s learned about event planning, protocol, mentorship and how our ladies are the backbone to what we do. Today she was a part of Lady Judy Burkes, Do’s and Don’ts Fashion Show…. Look out ladies – she has some new ideas coming!
Lastly and most importantly, EVERY Shriner is a Mason. We all took the exact same obligations at the altar. As Shriners, let us never forget these obligations to our fellow Shriner/Mason brothers. We are all on the level and we should always treat our fellow brothers with dignity and respect, and especially Brotherly Love. Be a part of the solution in a way that shows you are a Mason first and foremost. 


Sunday, March 19, 2023

Oriental Guide School - Day 4

By Stephen Schram

One more trip to IHOP this morning and then back to the conference for the final day of training.  

John Pyland, Executive VP of Shriners International gave us the lecture this morning.  He spoke on common things that can go wrong and what to be careful of.  The point being that each member of the Divan is equally responsibility to the fiduciary and operational responsibilities of the Temple.  The OG is equal to the Potentate and each of the other Divan in this resposibility.

After training we were presented with a presentation with tips on getting the whole family engaged in the fun of Shrine activities.  They showed us examples of how to encourage attendance of the whole family by adding the word 'family' in invitations and adding activities to keep children engaged.

Next up was our key note speaker, 2 X Super Bowl Champion and NFL Announcer, Mark May.  He spoke on team work and gave some interesting stories about playing with Joe Gibbs (Kenny's favorite coach).  

Mark May stayed around after and we had a social mixer on the roof top of the hotel.  One last chance to network with the majority of the other OG before they left to go home.

After hours, John and Amy McDonald (Jamil OG) joined Tammy & I to make a trip to Ybor City.  My cousin Dennis Summers and his wife Jessica also joined us.  

We first visited Egypt Temple and we met a few other OG there by chance.  Great place to hang out, enjoy some appetizers and sit and talk.

Next up Bernini of Ybor.   A great restaurant where we had Cuban influenced Italian food.  Pasta with seafood, pizza, crispy duck, broiled fish.  All very good.  

Ybor is a Cuban community suburb of Tampa.  Hand rolled cigar shops, clubs and restaraunts.  Reminded me of Bourban Street in New Orleans.  Older buildings with balconies, clubs with barkers out front trying to drag you in and awesome food everywhere.  If you come to Tampa it is a must see.

Traveling home Sunday, so an early wake uo and drive to the airport.  More tomorrow.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Oriental Guide School - Day 3

By Stephen Schram

After a quick stop at the IHOP, we started back to classes at 8am.  Starting where we left off on Day 2, in leadership development.  Tammy and I did exercises and modeled out what would the Temple would be like if Membership was not an issue.  How would we plan?  What other challenges may be experienced?  

The next class was on developing a team.  Finding the right people to be on the bus, getting them on the bus and getting them in the right seats.  All good training and exercises.

Tammy and I split for lunch and after we broke out into classes specific to us.  The Ladies worked through some exercises to prepare them for whats to come.  And the men went into our training on Fundraising and Shrine Law.  All great classes!

After the training was done we came back in the evening for a social (a big party) with OG from temples all over the world.  A lot of party games, good food and some fundraising with drawings and door prizes.  Tammy really got into the Bingo ice breaker.  You can see the idea in the picture below.  We had to approach people and see if they would sign off on one of our squares until we had a bingo.

We got to know our counterparts in South Carolina a little better.  Had a chance to see the Imperial Divan let their hair down some.  And we got to mingle with many people I knew from my travels who I learned are also OG this year.  
Day four begins.  More tomorrow!

Friday, March 17, 2023

Oriental Guide School - Day 2

By Stephen Schram

Classes started at 8am, so Tammy and I started our day at 5am.  Quick stop at IHOP (ala John Black) and off to the airport Marriott where the event was hosted.  

They loaded us up with reading materials and workbooks first thing and lectured on what it means to be in leadership for the morning half of the day.  A lot of statistics about our hospital and a brief on our webfez computer systems.

They seperated us for lunch.  Tammy went with the Ladies and I went with the other OG.  Lasagna and succatash for lunch.  I am pretty sure it was Stoeffers but the hotel was proud to serve it on nice plates and silverware.

The afternoon was in workshops where they had us thinking about how to build a team in our Temple and plan for the year as Potentate.  The idea was to start planning now as it will be here before you know it.

The SC, FL & GA group went to Wiskey Joes for dinner along with Imperial Sir Kenny, IS Richard and Dr Leslie and their Ladies.  

Tammy wasn't well so we called it after dinner, but the rest of the group went on to Shriners HQ in Tampa.

Day three is starting.  More on that later.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Oriental Guide School - Day 1 Travel


By Stephen Schram

Day one was stressful.  What should have been a quick one hour flight turned into a full day of travel thanks to Spirit Airlines.  In hind sight, it would have been a much better trip to have drove.  Up early to make sure we are not late and then the text messages about delayed flights started coming in.  Plane was scheduled for 11:30 was not boarded until 2pm.  Short flight to Orlando and there is no one at the receiving terminal to connect the plane to the gate.  Wait for 45 minutes for the gate to find the proper personnel and then we de-plane.  Luggage is also delayed for the same reason.  Rental car went very smooth, thanks National.  And off we go!  

No way to make Tampa for the OG registration and opening social event, so Lady Tammy and I make our own social event at a new place, The Ford Garage.  It looks like a Ford themed version of Quaker Steak and Lube.  They are a burger joint and they had many different types of sandwiches and everything was themed to Henry Ford and Ford Motors.  

We decided before we came not to stay at the host hotel due to cost.  So we checked in to an Extended Stay America near the host hotel.  Place looked very nice.  First night we were very tired, so not much on our agenda but sleep.  

Up early this morning and we are looking forward to getting started at 8am.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

B-I-N-G-O in the Front Row


By Tonya Martin

Al Ansar Daughters of the Nile celebrated the Luck ‘O the Irish on Friday, March 10 th with their first ever Bingo Dinner. Eighty People came out to have Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Bread, a 10’ display of Dessert and try their luck with the numbers. The first seven games were played for various prizes including a carwash package, Margarita Machine for Tailgating, Pina Colada Blender, Gift Cards, Air Fryer and several holiday items. The final game was played for $250!

Chad Knight was the caller so you know it was “colorful”. Chad had great assist by Oriental Guide, Stephen Schram and the two of them proceeded to rhyme ever number with a word. The room was full of chatter and laughing before the first number was even called! Towards the end the callers were reaching pretty far to get the rhymes made – but the participants helped out with all kinds of suggestions! The $250 had to be split between Marie Gillespie and Tammy Schram who both covered all numbers.

Our hope is to expand our organization with ladies directly tied to a Shriner to help us in our fundraising efforts. This event raised over $2,000 before expenses and will go a long way to providing special projects to our local Shriners Children’s. If you are interested in becoming a Daughter of the Nile, please contact me at We are looking forward to hosting more fun events as part of the effort to unite with our Temple Ladies committed to the Sisterhood of Women and all the benefits that come from the same.

1 Kelly's eye | Blind one - On its own, number one.
2 Me and you | One little duck - On its own, number two.
3 You and me - On its own, number three.
4 Knock at the door - On its own, number four.
5 Man alive - On its own, number five.
6 Tom's tricks - On its own, number six.
7 God's in heaven | Lucky seven - On its own, number seven.
8 One Fat Lady - On its own, number eight.
9 Doctor's orders - On its own, number nine.
10 Tony's Den - One oh, ten.
11 Legs eleven - All the ones, eleven.
12 One dozen | A monkey's cousin (rhymes with "a dozen") - One and two, twelve.
13 Unlucky for some | Devil's number | Baker's dozen - One and three, thirteen.
14 Valentine's Day - One and four, fourteen.
15 Rugby team | Young and keen - One and five, fifteen.
16 Sweet sixteen | Never been kissed - One and six, sixteen.
17 Often been kissed | Dancing Queen - One and seven, seventeen.
18 Key of the door | Coming of age - One and eight, eighteen.
19 Goodbye teens - One and nine, nineteen.
20 Getting plenty | Blind 20 - Two oh, twenty.
21 Key of the door - Two and one, twenty-one.
22 Two little ducks - All the twos, twenty-two.
23 Thee and me | The Lord is my Shepherd - Two and three, twenty-three.
24 Two dozen - Two and four, twenty-four.
25 Duck and dive - Two and five, twenty-five.
26 Bed and breakfast | Half a crown | Pick and mix - Two and six, twenty-six.
27 Little duck with a crutch | Gateway to heaven - Two and seven, twenty-seven.
28 In a state | Overweight - Two and eight, twenty-eight.
29 You're doing fine - Two and nine, twenty-nine.
30 Burlington Bertie | Dirty Gertie | Speed limit | Flirty thirty | Blind 30 - Three oh, thirty.
31 Get up and run - Three and one, thirty-one.
32 Buckle my Shoe - Three and two, thirty-two.
33 Dirty knees | All the feathers | Two little fleas | Sherwood Forest - All the threes, thirty-three.
34 Ask for more - Three and four, thirty-four.
35 Jump and jive - Three and five, thirty-five.
36 Three dozen - Three and six, thirty-six.
37 A flea in heaven - Three and seven, thirty-seven.
38 Christmas cake - Three and eight, thirty-eight.
39 Those famous steps - Three and nine, thirty-nine.
40 Naughty Forty-Four oh, forty.
41 Time for fun - Four and one, forty-one.
42 That famous street in Manhattan | Whinny the Pooh - Four and two, forty-two.
43 Down on your knees - Four and three, forty-three.
44 Droopy drawers - All the fours, forty-four.
45 Halfway house | Halfway there - Four and five, forty-five.
46 Up to tricks - Four and six, forty-six.
47 Four and seven - Four and seven, forty-seven.
48 Four dozen - Four and eight, forty-eight.
49 PC (Police Constable) | Copper | Nick nick - Four and nine, forty-nine.
50 Bull's eye | Blind 50 | Half a century - Five oh, fifty.
51 Tweak of the thumb - Five and one, fifty-one.
52 Weeks in a year | Danny La Rue - Five and two, fifty-two.
53 Stuck in the tree - Five and three, fifty-three.
54 Clean the floor - Five and four, fifty-four.
55 Snakes alive - All the fives, fifty-five.
56 Was she worth it? - Five and six, fifty-six.
57 Heinz varieties - Five and seven, fifty-seven.
58 Make them wait | Choo choo Thomas - Five and eight, fifty-eight.
59 Brighton line - Five and nine, fifty-nine.
60 Three score | Blind 60 | Five dozen - Six oh, sixty.
61 Bakers bun - Six and one, sixty-one.
62 Tickety boo | Turn on the screw, sixty-two
63 Tickle me | Des Eerie - Six and three, sixty-three.
64 Red raw | The Beatles number - Six and four, sixty-four.
65 Old age pension - Six and five, sixty-five.
66 Clickety click - All the sixes, sixty-six.
67 Made in heaven | Argumentative number - Six and seven, sixty-seven.
68 Saving grace - Six and eight, sixty-eight.
69 The same both ways | your place or mine | Either way up | Meal for two - Six and nine, sixty-nine.
70 Three score and ten | Blind 70 - Seven oh, seventy.
71 Bang on the drum - Seven and one, seventy-one.
72 A crutch and a duck | Par for the course - Seven and two, seventy-two.
73 Crutch and a flea | Queen B - Seven and three, seventy-three.
74 Candy store - Seven and four, seventy-four.
75 Strive and strive - Seven and five, seventy-five.

Hejaz Shriners Show Up and Show Out – IN GREEN!

By Tonya Martin

St. Patrick's Day has been celebrated in Greenville in many different ways since 1918, starting with a parade of soldiers in training at Camp Sevier and continuing on through the years with festivals, concerts, theatrical performances and even bicycle races.  After a few years of restriction due to COVID, the City of Greenville was READY for a St. Patrick’s Day Parade in 2023!

St. Patrick would have been proud to see Main Street from the West End to xxxx lined solid with folks cheering on the bagpipes, many floats and organizations participating in the parade.  Our Hejaz Shrine Temple showed up and showed OUT in an absolute SEA OF GREEN for a good city block!  What a burst of energy to see our clubs, units, ladies, and children of Hejaz make up over 100 participants in the parade and be the hit of the day!  Watching the crowd of an estimated six thousand people cheer, clap, sing and holler at the Hejaz Participants brought incredible awareness to our organization, our philanthropy and most importantly it drove home our own awareness.  We are family.  We have a mission.  We work TOGETHER to bring that mission to fruition!  AND we have FUN while we are doing it!

Ain’t NO JAZZ like HEJAZ!

May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light;

May good luck pursue you each morning and night.

-An Irish Blessing

See others posting about the parade here...

Fire Destroys Hejaz Shrine in South Carolina

 by Christopher Hodapp A devastating fire on Tuesday morning has destroyed the Hejaz Shrine Temple in Mauldin, South Carolina, near Greenvil...