Thursday, March 23, 2023

Installation of New Officers of LOSNA for 2023-2024.

By Lady Sue Young HP,

I was elected as the High Priestess for the next year of our court. We also installed several other officers in our court for the following year. Yes, our fezzes are white and when we become the high priestess of our year we do get a special fez. That fez is designed and picked out for us by our Grand High Priestess Lady. This is always a big day for the lady who is going up for her year as the High Priestess. We do a lot of decorating to make the lodge look pretty. We invite our families to help us celebrate a very special day for us High Priestess. We also invite our Masonic and Shriner gentlemen and their ladies to come and be a part of our special day. This event is a very special day for the High Priestess going up the line of officers.
We are Lady Shriners that work for the children and the Shriner hospitals. We have several fund drives every year that benefit the children and the hospital. We are always looking for ladies to join our shrine court. We thank all the Masons and Shriners who support us and appreciate them very much. The Masons, Shriners, and their wives are always welcome to come and join us at our open events. We would like very much to have the Ladies as members too.  


Lady Sue Young HP 
Crescent Court 106 
Anderson, S C

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