Sunday, March 12, 2023

B-I-N-G-O in the Front Row


By Tonya Martin

Al Ansar Daughters of the Nile celebrated the Luck ‘O the Irish on Friday, March 10 th with their first ever Bingo Dinner. Eighty People came out to have Corned Beef, Cabbage, Potatoes, Bread, a 10’ display of Dessert and try their luck with the numbers. The first seven games were played for various prizes including a carwash package, Margarita Machine for Tailgating, Pina Colada Blender, Gift Cards, Air Fryer and several holiday items. The final game was played for $250!

Chad Knight was the caller so you know it was “colorful”. Chad had great assist by Oriental Guide, Stephen Schram and the two of them proceeded to rhyme ever number with a word. The room was full of chatter and laughing before the first number was even called! Towards the end the callers were reaching pretty far to get the rhymes made – but the participants helped out with all kinds of suggestions! The $250 had to be split between Marie Gillespie and Tammy Schram who both covered all numbers.

Our hope is to expand our organization with ladies directly tied to a Shriner to help us in our fundraising efforts. This event raised over $2,000 before expenses and will go a long way to providing special projects to our local Shriners Children’s. If you are interested in becoming a Daughter of the Nile, please contact me at We are looking forward to hosting more fun events as part of the effort to unite with our Temple Ladies committed to the Sisterhood of Women and all the benefits that come from the same.

1 Kelly's eye | Blind one - On its own, number one.
2 Me and you | One little duck - On its own, number two.
3 You and me - On its own, number three.
4 Knock at the door - On its own, number four.
5 Man alive - On its own, number five.
6 Tom's tricks - On its own, number six.
7 God's in heaven | Lucky seven - On its own, number seven.
8 One Fat Lady - On its own, number eight.
9 Doctor's orders - On its own, number nine.
10 Tony's Den - One oh, ten.
11 Legs eleven - All the ones, eleven.
12 One dozen | A monkey's cousin (rhymes with "a dozen") - One and two, twelve.
13 Unlucky for some | Devil's number | Baker's dozen - One and three, thirteen.
14 Valentine's Day - One and four, fourteen.
15 Rugby team | Young and keen - One and five, fifteen.
16 Sweet sixteen | Never been kissed - One and six, sixteen.
17 Often been kissed | Dancing Queen - One and seven, seventeen.
18 Key of the door | Coming of age - One and eight, eighteen.
19 Goodbye teens - One and nine, nineteen.
20 Getting plenty | Blind 20 - Two oh, twenty.
21 Key of the door - Two and one, twenty-one.
22 Two little ducks - All the twos, twenty-two.
23 Thee and me | The Lord is my Shepherd - Two and three, twenty-three.
24 Two dozen - Two and four, twenty-four.
25 Duck and dive - Two and five, twenty-five.
26 Bed and breakfast | Half a crown | Pick and mix - Two and six, twenty-six.
27 Little duck with a crutch | Gateway to heaven - Two and seven, twenty-seven.
28 In a state | Overweight - Two and eight, twenty-eight.
29 You're doing fine - Two and nine, twenty-nine.
30 Burlington Bertie | Dirty Gertie | Speed limit | Flirty thirty | Blind 30 - Three oh, thirty.
31 Get up and run - Three and one, thirty-one.
32 Buckle my Shoe - Three and two, thirty-two.
33 Dirty knees | All the feathers | Two little fleas | Sherwood Forest - All the threes, thirty-three.
34 Ask for more - Three and four, thirty-four.
35 Jump and jive - Three and five, thirty-five.
36 Three dozen - Three and six, thirty-six.
37 A flea in heaven - Three and seven, thirty-seven.
38 Christmas cake - Three and eight, thirty-eight.
39 Those famous steps - Three and nine, thirty-nine.
40 Naughty Forty-Four oh, forty.
41 Time for fun - Four and one, forty-one.
42 That famous street in Manhattan | Whinny the Pooh - Four and two, forty-two.
43 Down on your knees - Four and three, forty-three.
44 Droopy drawers - All the fours, forty-four.
45 Halfway house | Halfway there - Four and five, forty-five.
46 Up to tricks - Four and six, forty-six.
47 Four and seven - Four and seven, forty-seven.
48 Four dozen - Four and eight, forty-eight.
49 PC (Police Constable) | Copper | Nick nick - Four and nine, forty-nine.
50 Bull's eye | Blind 50 | Half a century - Five oh, fifty.
51 Tweak of the thumb - Five and one, fifty-one.
52 Weeks in a year | Danny La Rue - Five and two, fifty-two.
53 Stuck in the tree - Five and three, fifty-three.
54 Clean the floor - Five and four, fifty-four.
55 Snakes alive - All the fives, fifty-five.
56 Was she worth it? - Five and six, fifty-six.
57 Heinz varieties - Five and seven, fifty-seven.
58 Make them wait | Choo choo Thomas - Five and eight, fifty-eight.
59 Brighton line - Five and nine, fifty-nine.
60 Three score | Blind 60 | Five dozen - Six oh, sixty.
61 Bakers bun - Six and one, sixty-one.
62 Tickety boo | Turn on the screw, sixty-two
63 Tickle me | Des Eerie - Six and three, sixty-three.
64 Red raw | The Beatles number - Six and four, sixty-four.
65 Old age pension - Six and five, sixty-five.
66 Clickety click - All the sixes, sixty-six.
67 Made in heaven | Argumentative number - Six and seven, sixty-seven.
68 Saving grace - Six and eight, sixty-eight.
69 The same both ways | your place or mine | Either way up | Meal for two - Six and nine, sixty-nine.
70 Three score and ten | Blind 70 - Seven oh, seventy.
71 Bang on the drum - Seven and one, seventy-one.
72 A crutch and a duck | Par for the course - Seven and two, seventy-two.
73 Crutch and a flea | Queen B - Seven and three, seventy-three.
74 Candy store - Seven and four, seventy-four.
75 Strive and strive - Seven and five, seventy-five.

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