Friday, March 17, 2023

Oriental Guide School - Day 2

By Stephen Schram

Classes started at 8am, so Tammy and I started our day at 5am.  Quick stop at IHOP (ala John Black) and off to the airport Marriott where the event was hosted.  

They loaded us up with reading materials and workbooks first thing and lectured on what it means to be in leadership for the morning half of the day.  A lot of statistics about our hospital and a brief on our webfez computer systems.

They seperated us for lunch.  Tammy went with the Ladies and I went with the other OG.  Lasagna and succatash for lunch.  I am pretty sure it was Stoeffers but the hotel was proud to serve it on nice plates and silverware.

The afternoon was in workshops where they had us thinking about how to build a team in our Temple and plan for the year as Potentate.  The idea was to start planning now as it will be here before you know it.

The SC, FL & GA group went to Wiskey Joes for dinner along with Imperial Sir Kenny, IS Richard and Dr Leslie and their Ladies.  

Tammy wasn't well so we called it after dinner, but the rest of the group went on to Shriners HQ in Tampa.

Day three is starting.  More on that later.

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