Saturday, March 18, 2023

Oriental Guide School - Day 3

By Stephen Schram

After a quick stop at the IHOP, we started back to classes at 8am.  Starting where we left off on Day 2, in leadership development.  Tammy and I did exercises and modeled out what would the Temple would be like if Membership was not an issue.  How would we plan?  What other challenges may be experienced?  

The next class was on developing a team.  Finding the right people to be on the bus, getting them on the bus and getting them in the right seats.  All good training and exercises.

Tammy and I split for lunch and after we broke out into classes specific to us.  The Ladies worked through some exercises to prepare them for whats to come.  And the men went into our training on Fundraising and Shrine Law.  All great classes!

After the training was done we came back in the evening for a social (a big party) with OG from temples all over the world.  A lot of party games, good food and some fundraising with drawings and door prizes.  Tammy really got into the Bingo ice breaker.  You can see the idea in the picture below.  We had to approach people and see if they would sign off on one of our squares until we had a bingo.

We got to know our counterparts in South Carolina a little better.  Had a chance to see the Imperial Divan let their hair down some.  And we got to mingle with many people I knew from my travels who I learned are also OG this year.  
Day four begins.  More tomorrow!

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