Monday, February 27, 2023

Southeastern Shrine Association Midwinter 2023


Made a visit to Orlando to attend the SESA Midwinter meeting on Friday Feb 24th.  Hejaz's Jason Turner, PP is on the SESA Board and was part of the planning team for the SESA Annual Meeting in August this year.  Imperial Sir Richard Burke also spoke during the meeting.  

The SESA Board solicited ideas from the attendees and disseminated some information to bring back to Hejaz.

While in Orlando, we also took the time to visit Egypt Temple in Tampa, FL and Bahia Temple in Orlando.  I received a tour of Egypt Temple from Jamie Frye a past Hejaz Noble who as recently relocated to Tampa.  Their new Temple is very nice and has a lot of modern features and also honors their past with a museum of well stocked memorabilia.  Very Impressive!

I also spent time with several Director Staff members of Bahia Temple and enjoyed a nice night out at their club on Friday and treated them to a night out on Saturday.  

Nobles, travel is a cornerstone of being a Shrine - Mason.  If you are not traveling then you are not getting the value in your dues card.  See you on the road!

Bahia Temple - Orlando FL

Egypt Temple - Tampa, FL

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