Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Oriental Guide - Commentator March 2023


As the newly elected Oriental Guide for Hejaz Temple, I am writing here today to thank everyone who came out for the election and placed their ballot.  Whether you voted for me or Noble Dennis Broome, you participated and you helped in moving Hejaz Temple forward.

Each year we hold these elections and candidates like Dennis and me put ourselves out there for your consideration.  It takes a great deal of courage, effort and investment to put yourself forward and I want to emphasize to the Nobility how valuable it is to the fraternity to have individuals like Dennis, Charlene, Tammy and myself who are willing to make this effort for the Temple and our future.  We are blessed again this year to have Dale Wilson and Everette Whitmore to once again step forward and put themselves forward for your consideration.  Please give them your attention as they come to visit your clubs and units and recognize and thank them for the courage that it takes to put themselves forward.    

My wife Tammy is not accustomed to being out in front of groups and with both of us being from York County, we are meeting and learning many new faces across Hejaz. We would like to especially thank Lady Michele, Lady Tonya and Lady Rhonda for making both of us feel like family and so welcomed as we traveled together in January.  It is very appreciated!

We have jumped in with both feet and we have already traveled to Jamil and Omar for official functions.  Given the opportunity to meet the new Oriental Guides from both Temples, we are already working on new relationships that will be beneficial to our Temple over the next five years. Inside Hejaz we have traveled to visit a number of clubs and units over the past weeks.  Next week, I will travel to Orlando to represent Hejaz for the Southeastern Shrine Association's Midwinter meeting along with PP Jason Turner and Hospital Board member Everette Whitmore.  And again, next month, I will travel to Tampa for the Oriental Guide Leadership Conference.  

I am just beginning on the Divan, and I am already seeing a great amount of time and effort involved with the job.  Each year will be a little more and the level of commitment by the Divan members and especially by our Potentate, Byron Sheppard is amazing to see.  Each one commits a great deal of time, effort and capital into our philanthropy.  I know they don't do it for the thanks or recognition, but when you see them, please take a minute to thank them for their service.  Until I started this journey, I had no idea how much they give of themselves each and every week.  Even the little things like today, I visited Jackson Shrine Club for their Catfish Stew Fundraiser and tomorrow I will jump in a cold lake for the Polar Bear Jump.  All in a day's work and for a great cause.

I am your Oriental Guide, and I am at the service of all Hejaz Nobles.  Please call anytime I can do anything for you.  My number is 803-517-4215 or you can email me at .  Let me know how I can help!


Stephen Schram, Oriental Guide 

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