Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Membership Update - March 2023


In 2021 I was approached and asked to think about taking over Membership and developing a new innovative strategy for growth.  The current status quo was to accept taking 10% decline in membership year over year.  Per historical data in 2018 the membership was at 3307.  In the beginning of year 2022 there was an overall decline of 635 nobles to 2672.  In a period of 4 years membership decreased by 632 members (average of 158 members a year).  Roughly 10-20% overall. In 2022 we focused hard on a different strategy to decrease the loss and then work on growth.  Overall, in 2022 we decreased by only 64 Nobles.  This is only a 1.98% decrease in membership.  This is a step in the right direction.  

 After studying the current membership system, the membership committee realized that we needed to step back to basic and follow the 5 basic core pillars of membership.   Those 5 pillars of membership are Recruitment, Retention, Restoration, Masonic Relations, and Mentorship. These 5 pillars are simply the basic methods needed to grow a positive membership program.  If you recruit the Nobles, you mentor them, you retain them, you bring back the ones that left, and you work with the Blue Lodge to gain new members you will move to a Temple with positive growth.  

Members of the Membership Team and Divan recently attended a Shriners International Membership and Marketing Conference in Grapevine, TX.  There is a drive International wide to grow membership through the 5 core pillars of membership and how we can drive membership and marketing of the temples.  There is lots of information to unpack and apply to our current strategy.  With the current members of the team and in addition to whoever wants to help Hejaz Shriners succeed we can end the year being a Gold Temple for 2023.  I look forward to working with every Noble and Lady to drive membership to the forefront of every conversation, and event.    


David Willliams 

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